Trail News / MLTS E-Bike Information Handout June 12, 2018

MLTS E-Bike Information Handout June 12, 2018

Dear Friends and Trail Users,

Riding E-Bikes is a great way to commute, run errands, and to enjoy outdoor recreation. It is important to know that E-Bikes are a relatively new technology and are not allowed on certain facilities by law. The Mammoth Lakes Trail System team has been working with stakeholders to provide information on the use of E-Bikes in Mammoth Lakes.

The link below is for an E-Bike Information Handout that can be shared with anyone in order to provide clarity on where E-Bikes are allowed in Mammoth Lakes.

Download the E-Bike Handout: June 12, 2018

The successful introduction of this exciting technology to Mammoth Lakes is very important to all community stakeholders. Please take the time to read the information in the E-Bike Information Handout in order to understand the rules before you head out for a ride.


As many of you may know, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area has recently joined a short list of public land permit holders that allow class 1 E-bikes on trails. Class 1 E-bikes are limited to the MMSA bike park and to OHV routes and roads designated for motorized vehicle use. While this is very exciting news, E-bikes are not permitted on most Mammoth Lakes Trail System facilities. We are aware this may create some confusion this summer so we're installing signs at all non-motorized trail access points that will help provide some clarity. Trail users should expect to see “No E-Bike” signs at trailheads and other points of access. PLEASE take the time to understand where E-bikes are allowed before you head out for adventure!

As always, be safe and have fun. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to work to provide information on E-Bike policy, Walk/Bike/Ride and other trail related efforts.


Joel Rathje

Trails Coordinator Mammoth Lakes Trail System