Trail News / Fat Biking on the Shady Rest Non-Motorized, Multi-Use Winter Trails

Fat Biking on the Shady Rest Non-Motorized, Multi-Use Winter Trails

The Mammoth Lakes Trail System team is pleased to announce the start of a winter fat biking pilot program as a newly allowed use of the current winter trail system initiating from Shady Rest Park. To help introduce the great fun of this activity we will be grooming the multi-use trails at Shady Rest for as long as weather and snow conditions allow with up to 2 ½ miles of expanded packed trails. Be sure to get out there early in the morning before the snow gets too soft! 

Trail user etiquette will play a critical role in the successful operation of the program. A general sense of common courtesy and kindness is the key ingredient for success. We ask that all trail users respect the following guidelines: 

Respect other trail users. Be courteous and yield right of way according to etiquette code. All trail users yield to grooming machines

Do not ride or walk in cross country ski tracks.

Fat bikes: yield to all other trail users. Skiers do not have brakes, but you do. Leave room for others to pass (do not ride side-by-side blocking the trail). Do not ride in soft conditions. If you leave a rut deeper than 2 inches, it is too soft.

Keep your dog leashed at all times.

Pick up and dispose of any dog waste on and off trails and at trailheads. 

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm and cooperation while we work to improve and expand outdoor recreation opportunities for the community of Mammoth Lakes.