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Developing SMARTER Trails - Two Day Workshop

On July 8th and 9th, the Mammoth Lakes Trail System will host a very special free workshop led by renowned trail builder Woody Keen and supported by a crew of distinguished trail experts from around the region. The two day workshop is designed to educate those interested in better understanding SMARTER trails: Sustainable, Manageable, Artistic Recreational Trails that are Ecologically sound and have good Risk Management Strategy. 

Saturday the 8th will consist of an indoor educational session addressing topics of trail sustainability, various user needs and advanced trail maintenance techniques. 

Sunday the 9th will be a field-based hands-on workday implementing Saturday's lessons in new trail design, construction and maintenance. 

All trail users are encouraged to join us for this unique opportunity to advance our community knowledge in the essential concepts of SMARTER trail system development. Stay tuned for more details!